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RxJS is one of the hottest libraries in web development today. Offering a powerful, functional approach for dealing with events and with integration points into a growing number of frameworks, libraries, and utilities, the case for learning Rx has never been more appealing. Couple this with the ability to utilize your knowledge across nearly any language, having a solid grasp on reactive programming and what it can offer seems like a no-brainer.


Learning RxJS and reactive programming is hard. There's the multitude of concepts, large API surface, and fundamental shift in mindset from an imperative to declarative style. This site focuses on making these concepts approachable, the examples clear and easy to explore, and features references throughout to the best RxJS related material on the web. The goal is to supplement the official docs and pre-existing learning material while offering a new, fresh perspective to clear any hurdles and tackle the pain points. Learning Rx may be difficult but it is certainly worth the effort!

Brand New to RxJS?

Start getting familiar with all the key concepts needed to be productive with our RxJS Primer!



Operators are the horse-power behind observables, providing an elegant, declarative solution to complex asynchronous tasks. This section contains all RxJS operators, included with clear, executable examples. Links to additional resources and recipes for each operator are also provided, when applicable.

Operator Categories


Complete listing in alphabetical order

Understanding Subjects

A Subject is a special type of Observable which shares a single execution path among observers.


Without a solid base knowledge of how Observables work behind the scenes, it's easy for much of RxJS to feel like 'magic'. This section helps solidify the major concepts needed to feel comfortable with reactive programming and Observables.


Recipes for common use-cases and interesting solutions with RxJS.

Introductory Resources

New to RxJS and reactive programming? In addition to the content found on this site, these excellent resources will help jump start your learning experience!






Interested in RxJS 4? Check out Denis Stoyanov's excellent eBook!


A Note On References

All references included in this GitBook are resources, both free and paid, that helped me tremendously while learning RxJS. If you come across an article or video that you think should be included, please use the edit this page link in the top menu and submit a pull request. Your feedback is appreciated!

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