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signature: bufferToggle(openings: Observable, closingSelector: Function): Observable

Toggle on to catch emitted values from source, toggle off to emit buffered values as array.

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Example 1: Toggle buffer on and off at interval
// RxJS v6+
import { interval } from 'rxjs';
import { bufferToggle } from 'rxjs/operators';
//emit value every second
const sourceInterval = interval(1000);
//start first buffer after 5s, and every 5s after
const startInterval = interval(5000);
//emit value after 3s, closing corresponding buffer
const closingInterval = val => {
console.log(`Value ${val} emitted, starting buffer! Closing in 3s!`);
return interval(3000);
//every 5s a new buffer will start, collecting emitted values for 3s then emitting buffered values
const bufferToggleInterval = sourceInterval.pipe(
bufferToggle(startInterval, closingInterval)
//log to console
//ex. emitted buffers [4,5,6]...[9,10,11]
const subscribe = bufferToggleInterval.subscribe(val =>
console.log('Emitted Buffer:', val)
Example 2: Toggle buffer on and off on mouse down/up
import { fromEvent } from 'rxjs';
import { bufferToggle } from 'rxjs/operators';
fromEvent(document, 'mousemove')
bufferToggle(fromEvent(document, 'mousedown'), _ =>
fromEvent(document, 'mouseup')

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