signature: zip(observables: *): Observable

After all observables emit, emit values as an array

:bulb: Combined with interval or timer, zip can be used to time output from another source!


Example 1: zip multiple observables emitting at alternate intervals

( StackBlitz | jsBin | jsFiddle )

// RxJS v6+
import { delay } from 'rxjs/operators';
import { of, zip } from 'rxjs';

const sourceOne = of('Hello');
const sourceTwo = of('World!');
const sourceThree = of('Goodbye');
const sourceFour = of('World!');
//wait until all observables have emitted a value then emit all as an array
const example = zip(
//output: ["Hello", "World!", "Goodbye", "World!"]
const subscribe = example.subscribe(val => console.log(val));
Example 2: zip when 1 observable completes

( StackBlitz | jsBin | jsFiddle )

// RxJS v6+
import { take } from 'rxjs/operators';
import { interval, zip } from 'rxjs';

//emit every 1s
const source = interval(1000);
//when one observable completes no more values will be emitted
const example = zip(source, source.pipe(take(2)));
//output: [0,0]...[1,1]
const subscribe = example.subscribe(val => console.log(val));

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